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TEAM PAGE - 2013 World Veterans Fencing Championships

Video Referee

There will NOT be video replay for the referees in Varna.

Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday, Oct 5 at 8:00 pm at the Grand Hotel at Sts. Constantin & Helena.  The cost is 45 Euros and you will pay on site. The dinner includes wine.  If you are staying at the Grand Hotel [this is the US team hotel], the Gala will be 35 Euros


Because team members will be arriving at various times, team photos will be taken on two occasions: (1) after the opening ceremonies and finals on Tuesday, October 1 and (2) after the finals on Saturday, October 5.  Please wear your warm-up jacket.

Last Minute Details Form

Please complete this form by Friday, 9/20.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Do I need a visa to enter Bulgaria? NO. Visas are not required for US Citizens who are staying less than 90 days. However, your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your departure date, have at least 2 blank pages and be issued within the last 10 years. Visa Regulations
2 Must I purchase a warm-up suit? NO. You are welcome to purchase a warm-up/apparel package (form below), but it is not required. The warm-up suit has not been selected yet, but it will be new (different than last year) and Nike.
3 Can I just purchase a T-shirt or pins? YES. This option is available on the apparel package form.
4 What hotel is the Team using? Grand Hotel Varna (5 Star)
5 Where can I find the hotel details? Hotel Booking Site
6 The hotel booking site requires a wire transfer. What's the deal? Unfortunately, credit cards can not be used. Currently, you must send a wire transfer to the tour operator in Bulgaria.
7 How do I get my FIE License? Please complete the FIE license application by clicking Here and email your completed form to Kate Reisinger. You must have a current 2012/2013 license.
9 How do I pay the entry fee? We will submit the entries by name on your behalf. You will pay the entry fee onsite.
10 How much is the entry fee? 55 Euros per person per weapon, payable onsite.
11 I'm an alternate. What do I do? Nothing for now! Athletes are required to accept or decline their selection by August 1. If a slot becomes available, we will contact you immediately.
12 What is the schedule? Schedule
13 The Organizer's Website says I need a medical certificate. What is this? A simple note from your doctor explaining you are healthy for competition is all you need. You must present this letter upon arrival in Varna (no need to send to Kate).
14 Who are the USA Referees? Bill Oliver & Sergei Gritsaev
15 What staff will be available? Armorer David Neevel

Congratulations on your selection to the 2013 World Veterans Fencing Championship to be held in Varna, Bulgaria Oct 1-6, 2013.

We hope you find this site useful as you prepare for your trip.  Be sure to check the site frequently as updates will be posted.

Good luck and GO USA!

Online Form

Click here to fill out the online acceptance form. This is where you will accept your selection and provide other important details.

FIE License Application

Please complete and email to Kate Reisinger at k.reisinger@usfencing.org.

Kate Reisinger

Deputy Director of Sports Performance & Development

Phone: 719 866 3608

2013 World Veterans Fencing Championship Team

Click here to go to the Local Organizer's Website

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Men's Pants

Women's Jacket

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