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USA Fencing Selects Second Quarter Spirit of Sport Recipients

02/15/2017, 12:30pm CST
By Kristen Henneman

USA Fencing is pleased to announce the second group of recipients for the “Fencing Spirit of Sport” Recognition Program, honoring six fencers from across the nation who have exemplified outstanding dedication to the sport and are an inspiration to others.

Each quarter, one recipient from each region is chosen based on commitment to the sport as well as his or her club, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork and character.

The six recipients for the second quarter’s “Fencing Spirit of Sport Award” are as follows:

  • Dolly Lampson (Tacoma, Wash.)
  • Ethan Edwards (McCordsville, Ind.)
  • Ilsa Hoffman (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.)
  • Alan Buchwald (Carmel, Calif.)
  • Brenda Waddoups (Carrolton, Texas)
  • Robert “Trey” Kaufman (Durham, N.C.)

All selections will be honored at the 2017 Summer Nationals in Salt Lake City and receive a USA Fencing “Spirit of Sport” t-shirt and bag tag.

Nominations for the third quarter are due April 15. The nomination form can be found here.

Click here to view the first quarter’s selections.

More information on each of our winners can be found below:

Dolly Lampson (right)

Region 1: Dolly Lampson
Club: Northwest Fencing Center
Age: 16
Weapon: Foil
Number of Years Fencing: 5
Nominated By: Multiple people (13 nominations)

Travelling nearly three hours from her hometown of Tacoma, Wash. to Portland, Ore. on a regular basis for training, Lampson is known for her passion, determination and reliability. Despite her rigorous schedule that includes both domestic and international competitions, Lampson is still able to make school a priority, taking multiple Advanced Placement courses and earning a 3.985 GPA. Off the strip she also loves to help others succeed, working part time as a tutor and volunteering with the local elementary school science program.

“To get a chance to perform nationally and reach the top U.S. fencers, she chose to drive six hours back and forth twice a week for a one hour lesson and two hours of bouting,” Head Coach Christophe Duclos said. “[I’ve] never had the chance to work with somebody like Dolly, so focused and motivated, after a full school day and three hours of driving.”

Ethan Edwards

Region 2: Ethan Edwards
Club: Indianapolis Fencing Club
Age: 17
Weapon: Epee
Number of Years Fencing: 4 years
Nominated By: Mother Jodi Edwards

Edwards first began fencing at 14 and is always seeking ways to improve. Since he doesn’t have a coach at his tournaments due to other commitments, Edwards asks his opponents to critique him. He then pays it forward by offering to teach new fencers if they ever need help. His personality as a fencer transcends into his daily life, showing a competitiveness in school while volunteering and participating in extra-curricular activities despite his constant travelling for fencing.

“Ethan has big dreams and big goals for fencing and life,” said his mother, Jodi Edwards. “Ethan has a big heart and a lot of determination that has helped him to overcome learning challenges and motor skill issues that he had struggled with at a young age. Because of that he is a compassionate, respectful person, which is why he always tries to help others.”

Ilsa Hoffman

Region 3: Ilsa Hoffman
Club: Kolokawski Sabre Academy
Age: 15
Weapon: Saber
Number of Years Fencing: 1 ½
Nominated By: Coach and Club Owner Dennis Kolokawski

Falling in love with fencing from her first week, Hoffman dedicated herself to the sport right away, often turning down opportunities to stay out late with friends to balance all her activities. A straight-A student, the youth fencers and parents at her club love Hoffman and the size of the youth saber class she teaches twice a week has doubled. Also, when her club changed locations, Hoffman helped demo the old club and build the new one.

“The first to do something, if something is out of place she corrects it, cleans it, or organizes it,” Kolokawski said. “[She] doesn't wait to be asked and doesn't look for recognition or praise. The top recruiter at our club, she's brought in family, siblings, friends, classmates and their siblings also.”

Alan Buchwald

Region 4: Alan Buchwald
Club: Academy of Fencing Masters
Age: 66
Weapon: Foil
Number of Years Fencing: 40
Nominated By: Coach and Club Owner Irina Chirashnya

Buchwald has fenced for nearly two-thirds of his life and has no plans of quitting any time soon. An inspiration to his entire club, Buchwald is extremely welcoming and supportive of all the fencers, but is also hard-working and strives to improve his own skill. While he has found success on the strip, fencing continues to serve as an outlet for Buchwald to deal with the ups and downs of life, saying himself that his life would be half as good without fencing.

“We are so grateful to Alan for continuing to inspire us to go after our goals with diligence and perseverance,” Chirashnya said. “He’s a model for what fencing is when it’s at its best, an example that we can all take to heart in our training – no matter how old we are.”

Brenda Waddoups

Region 5: Brenda Waddoups
Club: Fencing Institute of Texas
Age: 63
Weapon: N/A
Number of Years Fencing: N/A
Nominated By: Board Member at the Fencing Institute of Texas and Husband Ovy Waddoups

Waddoups has played a huge part in helping to grow the sport of fencing, supporting and establishing new clubs. She has served the North Texas Division as Secretary or Division Chair for nearly 20 years, works on division and regional tournament bout committees (often for free) and trains new bout committee members for regional tournaments. Waddoups can be found working bout committee at North American Cups every season and continually works to help grow and improve tournaments at all levels as USA Fencing’s Regional Coordinator for Region 5.

“Brenda serves the Fencing Institute of Texas, a non-profit North Texas Division club, as its general manager. She manages five coaches and instructors, nine levels of instruction, which include Olympic and Paralympic fencing, historical and theatrical fencing,” Ovy Waddoups said. “She is a giving, nurturing person who has changed the face of North Texas Division by bringing together warring clubs into the North Texas Fencing Tournament Coalition that runs the biggest and best regional events in Region 5.”

Trey Kaufman

Region 6: Robert “Trey” Kaufman
Club: Research Triangle Fencing
Age: 15
Weapon: Saber
Number of Years Fencing: 9
Nominated By: Mother Sarah Kaufman

Kaufman found his passion for fencing at an early age and was refereeing the sport by age 10. He currently referees both foil and saber, working ROCs and SYCs throughout the Southeast. Kaufman also co-coaches his club’s beginner saber and foil classes. In addition to being active in his club, Kaufman started a new team at his high school and competes in the North Carolina High School Fencing League.

“He does all this while maintaining a 4.1 average as a sophomore in high school,” said his mother, Sarah Kaufman.  “Fencing is his passion and I believe he truly embodies the spirit of fencing.”

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