Background Screen - FAQs

1. Who must complete the background screen process?
The following persons must complete the background screen process: (1) All USA Fencing directors, staff members, division officers, committee/task force members and national team 5 staff.  (2) Officials and volunteers at all USA Fencing sanctioned events that have direct access to minors participating in such events. This includes persons who interact directly and frequently with athletes as part of their duties, e.g., event administrators, referees, bout committee members, armorers. It does not include volunteers who have incidental interaction with athletes, e.g., at registration or lost and found booths.  (3) All affiliate and member club coaches, independent contractors, owners, board of directors members and administrators.  Members who are over 18 and “self-reffing” in an open tournament are not required to be Professional/ Professional +members or have a background screen on file.

2. How long is the background screen valid?
The screen is valid for two (2) years.

3. How do I start a background screen?
Please purchase a Professional or +Professional membership type through your USA Fencing profile. When you purchase the professional membership or add the +Professional to an existing membership type, a link will appear in your profile under the Background section.  The link will take you directly to the NCSI website where you will complete the screening information.

 4. What is the cost of Professional membership or the +Professional upgrade? The 2015-16 cost of the Professional membership is $105 and the +Professional upgrade is $35. Both membership types include the cost of the background screen.

5. How long does the screening take to process?
The screens typically take 3-10 working days and will send the results automatically to your profile.

6. When can I renew my background screen?
If you have a Professional or +Professional membership, the background screen link will show up in your profile 14 days prior to the screen expiration date.

7.  If I am a referee or another type of volunteer, do I have to add +Professional to my membership every year?
No, you will only need to add the +Professional membership on the year that you need to renew your screen.

8. Can I add the +Professional to any membership type? Yes, you can add the +Professional, which includes the cost of the background screen, to any membership type for $35.

9. Are minors required to have a background screen on file?
No, individuals under the age of eighteen (18) are not required to complete a background screen. This applies to minors who are acting as coaches, officials, volunteers or other roles that would otherwise be included in the background screen category.

10. Are foreign guest coaches or referees required to have a background check?
Yes, the Safe Sport background screen policy applies to all coaches and referees participating in USA Fencing sanctioned events or activities, including guest coaches and referees.