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Coaches & Referees

USA Fencing seeks to provide the best available information from around the world for coaches and referees.

For coaches, our goal is to create a world class coaching education program that grows the sport, develops lifelong fencers and world class athletes. The coaching education program will provide additional resources to coaches on youth growth and development, exercise science including sport psychology and strength and conditioning, inter- and intrapersonal skills for the coach as well as the technical and tactical components of fencing.

We hope to give referees a world class-refereeing program that grows with the sport, providing high-level unbiased referees for local, regional, national and international competitions. The referee development program will provide resources to referees to gain and improve their skills.

USA Fencing wants to provide you with outstanding resources to improve the sport.

Sam Callan

Senior Manager, Coaching Education

Phone: 719.219.8361