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Athlete Handbook

Permission is granted for reproduction of any portion of this book. Hard/Bound copy of the Athlete Handbook can be ordered from the USFA via email Membership Services with payment of $50 (includes shipping).

The Athlete Handbook provides fencers, coaches, administrators, and parents the information pertinent to all aspects of USA Fencing programs. Periodic updates may occur during the season - these updates to the book will be communicated to the membership via email and posted to this page. Please email any AH questions, comments, concerns, corrections to National Events.

Revision Summary for the 2014-2015 Athlete Handbook

Chapter/Appendices Change and/or Update
Acknowledgments and Preface Update to reflect current procedures
TOC Update to reflect current AH
Chapter 1 Update to reflect current procedures and levels of membership
Chapter 2 Update to reflect current procedures and levels of tournaments
Chapter 2 Change to qualification paths for all championship level tournaments (summary below)
Chapter 3 Update to reflect current procedures and point structures
Chapter 4 Update to reflect current procedures
Chapter 5 Update to reflect current procedures
Chapter 6-13 Update to reflect current selection procedures and designated calendars
Chapter 14-17 Update to reflect current procedures
Chapter 18 Update to reflect current procedures
Summary of Changes to Qualification Paths in 2.11
Division I Remove minimum number of points needed
Division IA Remove top 8 qualify from ROC; adjust minimum point value
Division II Recognize Regional Points; added minimum point value
Division III Recognize Regional Division IA and Division II Points
Cadet Added Regional Qualifying Path
Junior Added Regional Qualifying Path
Veteran Age Groups Recognize Regional or National Points
Youth 10 New – Recognize Regional or National Points
Youth 12 New – Recognize Regional or National Points
Youth 14 Recognize Regional Points; removed 1st place RYC path
Wheelchair No Change
Petition Process: Only Medical and study abroad qualify for petitions JO and USA Fencing National Championships – multiple paths for qualification exist for all levels
July DV1/JR/Cadet competition information will be available in the Athlete Handbook and on the USA Fencing website on August 15, 2014.

Revisions to 2014-2015 Athlete Handbook after Aug 1, 2014 Publish Date

Chapter/Appendices Section Change and/or Update Date of Change
Appendix 1 1.2 Date Change to ROC of the Rockies 2014-08-05
Appendix 2 2.11 Approved local tournament formats 2014-08-05
Appendix 2 2.6 Added Regional point table – reflecting DV2 ROC points. Remaining Appendices renumbered accordingly. 2014-08-06
Chapter 2 Change to DV2 ROC points needed for qualification 2014-08-06
Chapter 2 & July DV1/JR/Cadet competition information 2014-08-06
Chapter 4 4.2.1 Clarifying statement added to selection priority 2014-08-15
Chapter 11 11.1, 11.2, 11.3.1, 11.3.3 Change to designated calendar due to event cancellation; update to JWS & CWS World Team selection date 2014-08-21
Chapter 2 2.12 New section added to qualify Regional tournament formats, seeding 2014-08-22
Appdendix 1 1.1-1.2 Location added to DV1 National Championships/March NAC 2014-08-26
Chapter 8 8.1 Change to JMS designated calendar due to event cancellation – no replacement tournament announced 2014-08-27
Chapter 4 4.1.8 Update per Director of Sports Performance and Development to reflect current procedure 2014-08-28
Chapter 3 3.2 & 3.4 Updated to reflect current use of points for 33-64 (removing references to “seeding use only”) 2014-09-12
Chapter 13 13.7 Replacement cycle added to Wheelchair domestic calendar 2014-09-12
Chapter 2 2.10 Update to Veteran Age group seeding procedures 2014-09-16
Chapter 12 12.4 Update to Veteran Team Tie Breaker Procedure 2014-09-16
Chapter 2 2.12.4 & 2.12.5 Corrected seeding information for RJCC 2014-09-17
Chapter 2 2.12.11, 2.12.10, 2.12.9 Corrected seeding information 2014-09-18
Chapter 2 2.10.11 Corrected regional seeding information 2014-09-18
Chapter 2 2.2.4 Corrected classification example 2014-09-29
Appendices 18-8 18-8 Added Points Qual Path for National Championships 2014-10-06
Chapters 6-11 Update to reflect current use of maximum 2.0 strength factor in weapon selection criteria 2014-10-08
Chapter 3 3.2.1 Corrected RJCC Points information 2014-10-08
Appendices 2.4 International Points Table Updated 2014-10-08
Chapter 7 7.1 Corrected calendar to reflect rolling points fro SMF Tokyo 2014-10-22
Chapter 8 8.1 Updated calendar to reflect schedule changes and new entry deadline for JMS Dormagen 2014-10-22
Chapter 9 9.1 Updated calendar to reflect cancellation for JWE Pureto Ordaz 2014-10-22
Chapter 9 9.3.1 Group II sum changed from four to three highest points due to cancellation of JWE Pureto Ordaz 2014-10-22
Chapter 4 4.2.1 Updated number of fencers allowed in Senior Grand Pix competitions held in the USA to 20 2014-11-21
Chapter 2 & Updated Veteran Age Group Seeding information 2014-12-4
Chapters 6-11 Updates to reflect new Cadet & Junior Zonal competition and selection dates, Updates to reflect new dates of int’l events , New selection date for JMF World Championship Team 2014-12-8
Chapter 3 & 13 3.5.1 & 13 Update to Y10 Regional Points & Wheelchair Information 2014-12-19
Chapter 2 & Update to DV2 Championship Qualification Path and the Junior/Cadet July Challenge 2015-1-12
Chapter 17 17-13 Update to language 2015-3-31